Market Entry Services

Market Entry practice offers a service spectrum that caters to every need of an international enterprise planning to enter India, Africa, Middle East and other markets. Each of the services is further tailored depending on the size of the entrant (SME, mid-sized or large Fortune 500 corporations), new markets of interest, product/ service portfolio and the target industry sectors. Our service includes Market Research & Feasibility Study, Due Diligence, Business Setup assistance, Legal Assistance, Operational Assistance, Supply chain & Logistics Assistance.

Market Research

Clients need to know the current trend and feel of the market, the influencers and the business culture. Our market research methodology includes real-time interactions with industry stakeholders such as potential buyers, distributors/retailers, industry associations and government bodies. We have the right solutions for your enquiries on the competition, market opportunity, technical barriers, pricing and distribution channels, but to also provide you with qualified business leads and partners.

E-Commerce and IT Services

Marketnext provides fully managed e-Commerce and IT services to meet the requirements of the client’s customers and staff’s IT requirements. We have an in-house team of experts who have the complete knowhow to recommend, design, deploy and maintain your IT objectives. We assist enterprises to design a flexible and reliable IT Infrastructure. An Ecommerce website builder is a program that lets you build, customize, and run an online store.

Incubators and Virtual Office

(India / Africa / Middle east/ Europe):

We function as support systems necessary for setting up incubators and business incubation activities in India and Africa, for promoting and facilitating knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship activities in both the countries.virtual office workspaces and services are designed to help your business grow in an inspiring environment.

International Business Consulting

Marketnext provides a wide range of Services for companies that require global expansion. Services include International market Audit, Offshore center setup, creating proposals & business plans, FDI consulting etc.

Legal and IP Services

Marketnext and its legal partners provide a wide range of legal services which includes company registration, Intellectual property rights, Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Taxation & Compliance, Arbitration & other legal services etc. IP services, we offer affordable patent drafting and filing services to provide the protection.

Trade & e-Procurement Assistance

Marketnext offers a variety of trade services in various regions of the world. We specialize in facilitating business transactions and partnership opportunities, especially in Africa and India. We also provide services in UK, Europe & USA. If you are looking to do business in these countries you came to the right place. International Marketing Strategy: Strength In India, South Africa, Morocco, Ethiopia, USA, Germany, Canada, Brazil, China, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Middle East, Australia.

Business Plan and Consultancy

Marketnext provide Busines plansand consultancy for companies seeking e-commerce services as well as to create online businesses, or to provide business consultancy for borderless commerce.

Training and Mentoring

Marketnext has been conducting training programs for startups and SMEs, so that they can continuously increase their knowledge, expand their skills, and maximize professional growth.

Global branding

Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals like you build strong brands. Global branding can help you market your product or service in many different countries around the world.

Business Exchange

Marketnext provides a wide options of business opportunities, such a franchiees, dealerships, investment, business buying and selling & more. If you are interested to start your own business kindly speak to one of our team member.

Investment finacial services

Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry, which encompasses a broad range of businesses that manage money, including credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, accountancy companies, consumer-finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds, individual managers and some government-sponsored enterprises. Financial services companies are present in all economically developed geographic locations and tend to cluster in local, national, regional and international financial centers.

FDI and Advisory

The Marketnext Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Advisory Unit provides dedicated services for companies looking to set up regional operations in Asia.Marketnext works with government agencies, business associations, and professional service providers to provide seamless and integrated services to better facilitate your business expansion throughout the region.

Startup ecosystem

We are partnering with and uniting the best of startups, incubators, accelerators, public and private sector to support the next Estonian startup success stories as well as we can. From the graph below, you can find all the different organizations and programs that are directly supporting startups in Estonia during every step of their way from an idea to international rockstars.

Company Registration

Company registration is the first step to be taken by any startup in India to move forward with their business. Most of the unregistered businesses are failure in long-term. To survive in this competitive of startups, registered entities have more privilege in funding and sustainable growth.

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