Digital Transformation & Relevance – Webinar Series

Technology is constantly evolving to meet the ever changing demands of enterprises and customers. These innovations, through Digital Transformation, align business strategy with technology to more effectively engage with customers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle.



International Training Program on Corporate Governance

Marketnext is Contected a 2 day Training program in association with the University of Sussex (UK), along with OMFYS UK and IICCG India, as an extension of their international association. Training Program will be on Corporate Governance in India and the formulation of the program will be on the need for adopting…



Indo Africa – B2B Networking & Opportunity Meet

During Nov 24 & 25 the Indo-South African business meet has been held at Durban, South
Africa organised by Marketnext.org, there were 140 entrepreneurs participated in the event
from various industrial sectors including ICT, healthcare, manufacturing, food & beverages,
pharmaceuticals, entertainment etc.



Expand 2 Africa – Seminar Series

The event mainly focused on various sections on expanding business into the African Market.There were about 50 entrepreneurs who participated in the event from various industrial sectors including engineering, manufacturing and construction.