What is Open Innovation

Under the open innovation paradigm, there is an important flow of external knowledge into the organization which turns into projects in co-operation with external partners and causes the purchase and incorporation of external technologies. At the same time, the innovations generated within the company can be sold as technology and/or industrial property to other organizations since either they are not applicable within their business model or because the company has no capacity or experience to develop the invention. The final result is that some products reach the market by using exclusively internal resources from the initial idea up to the commercialization of the final product. Other products are the result of incorporating external knowledge at different stages of their development.
Open Innovation at Marketnext discovers, aligns and collaborates with Startups, Academia, Expert Networks, Venture Capitalists (VCs), Incubators, Inventors and Technology Consortia to deliver unique business value to the community, its partners and customers.

What do we do?

  • Discover, align and partner with stakeholders in the ecosystem to deliver business value
  • Support promising B2B startups, seek market access, scale and incubate partnership withMarketnext& its Partners
  • Drive creation of joint IP by integrating startup solutions intoMarketnextplatforms to drive non-linear growth
  • Structure and governMarketnextcollaboration programs with academia (research), expert networks and other technology/industry bodies

What is in it for you?

For Marketnext Partners & Sponsors

Marketnext Partners will get access to our database of technologies and innovations, we also provide technology scouting services to search & find the right technology and innovation from our large global network of startups, innovators, inventors & academia network.

Startup Partners

  • Access to Marketnext’s practice, sales, and customer account teams to jointly develop propositions
  • Supportwithinternal-to-Marketnextevangelization and Global business acceleration.

Venture Capitalists and Accelerators

  • Access to the market for their portfolio companies
  • Marketnextleadership participation in various demonstration and events hosted by Venture Capitalists and Accelerators.
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