Coffee Table Book

“The Explorers”

Here’s presenting you the very first edition of The Explorers. This unique publication is an initiative of Marketnext International Business Forum.

Our coffee table book will be a true masterpiece featuring the journey of international entrepreneurs of Indian origin who made it big in business! This book traverses through the entrepreneurial journeys of these industrial trendsetters who are wielding a strong influence. The objective is to discover the undiscovered paths traveled by the innovative heroes of the business world. We will be going through the most interesting phases of their journey, be it business strategies or ideas, stories of failures or success; their entire journey through the business world will be explored.

The Explorers will be an outstanding work which narrates the entrepreneurial tales of these global entrepreneurs in the best possible way through pictorial representations.

Value of Coffee Table Book

What is a coffee table book? For many, it is just an oversized, thick showpiece, but in this era its much more than that. It is now a reservoir of inspiration covering almost every subject from travelling and celebrity style to art and business. A coffee table book celebrates unique stories that need to be told and retold!

Our coffee table book THE EXPLORERS delves into the interesting journeys of entrepreneurs who have made a strong impact on the global economy.

THE EXPLORERS will present the entrepreneurial journeys in the most profound and evocative manner which will create a lasting impression on people. THE EXPLORERS will be available in leading online stores. It will also be presented to stock exchanges, management schools, universities and to the leading business and corporate houses.

Interested entrepreneurs can be a part of this prestigious coffee table book by submitting your stories.